ROUGH CUTS| A successful 80th ‘Araw ng Dabaw’

GOOD thing to hear that the peace talk between the government and the communist rebels is now resumed. We know that this is one development most welcome by peace loving Filipinos.

     Now is the time for the communications group of the Philippine panel to seiz the initiative in the information dissemination – or call it propaganda – component of the talk. No, it should not in any way pre-empt what should be announced in connection with the progress of the negotiation. Rather the communication drive should center on the impact of the resumption on the people, especially those most affected like the residents of hinterland communities, the soldiers and their families, businessmen and other stakeholders.

     We believe that the communications group should be on top and beat the propaganda machine of the insurgents which has been more aggressive during the negotiationn activities and even after it was called off.

     The government panel’s communications group must not forget that right after President Duterte ordered his negotiators to “pack their tents and go home” the leaders of the communist rebel group keep on making announcements that the CPP-NDF-NPA remains committed to continue the negotiation even as their foot soldiers were conducting ambushes on soldiers and policemen.

     So, with government showing no definitive answer to the statements of the rebel leadership for quite sometime, many would most likely be led to believe that it is the former who is not interested to attain peace. And if the calls from some well-meaning sectors of Philippine society for government and the CPP-NDF-NPA to go back to th negotiating table were not responded positively, then they can always lay the blame on the government for any further deterioration of the peace and order situation in the country.

     We therefore suggest that the communications group should get out of their comfort zones and come up with stories that will bolster th sincerity of government in proceeding with the peace talk. This strategy, without doubt, will erase any notion that could be created by the rebels’ claim that government sincerity in attaining peace with them is wanting.

     Meanwhile, the Filipinos should thank the President for allowing leaders of the government panel to conduct back channel talks with their counterparts in the rebels’ side. That only shows that despite some initial snags, the intention to continue reaching a lasting peace accord is still very much alive and remains a priority of the Duterte administration.

     Of course the hard work still remains in the hands of government panel leaders Secretary Jesus Dureza and Silvestre Bello III. They are the indefatigable work horses of the President. Guys, the Filipinos are pinning their hope in you. So keep moving despite the bumpy road tol peace.


     Yesterday’s 80th “Araw ng Dabaw” grand parade, without any iota of doubt, was a great success. It was one clear indication of the kind of leadership that Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has. The parade participation indicated that she can make every member of the celebration’s working committee work even withiout her personally micro-managing their assignd responsibilities.

     Of course it is beyond arguing that thr influx of people during the week-long celebration, and the massive turnout of sponsors and supporters to the various “Araw” activities could have been “influenced” by the Davaoeno tenant in Malacanang. After all, experience shows that many individuals and corporations love to cast their lot with a winner. And in the city’s case Davao is a big winner when its former mayor became President with a mandate that has the biggest majority in the history of Philippine Presidential elections.

     That is why people should not be surprised if there was some kind of an avalanche of corporate sponsors and visitors. The latter though, probably came to Davao to get a feel of its present envitronment after its former mayor became President. Corporate sponsors, on the other hand, might be out hunting for opportunities of expanding their business operation in the city, or looking for potential new business investments.

     But what the latter cannot deny is the fact that their sponsorships are in itself social investments out to gain goodwill from the local government. After all, their attitude towards their host city will determine the future of their business operation in th area.

   As a Davaoeno by adoption through marriage we thank our officials and every one else who involved themselves in the 80th “Araw ng Dabaw” celebration. Already, less than a year since mayor Sara returned to her old position, and former mayor Rody assumed the Presidency, our Davao City is getting even more dynamic, eclectic and electric – economically and socially. It’s fast becoming the new boom town.

     Let us all help maintain that status now and even beyond the terms of the lady mayor and her father Prsident.

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