ROUGH CUTS| A large feather in the cap of the DCPO

SEN. ALLAN Peter Cayetano came down to Davao City from Manila last Tuesday to declare his intention to run for Vice President in the 2016 national elections.

     And he did so because of his desire to have Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his standard bearer for President.

     Frankly, we do not know whether the Mayor is really the senator’s first choice for team-up because earlier Cayetano has been insinuating his availability to be Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas’ vice president. And as we now all know President Aquino’s anointed one has another person in mind.

     So Cayetano has to look for another potential candidate for President that could pull some surprises come election time. And that is Davao City Mayor Duterte.

     The next question of course is: Will Duterte run for President? If he does, will he take Cayetano as his vice presidential candidate?

     Aside from Cayetano the Davao City Mayor has other persons to choose from as his running mate. They are Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. For Sen. Koko Pimentel a Duterte-Cayetano team-up is ideal and formidable. We agree. But being formidable is not a guaranty that the two can win the election; a known bailiwick will.

     Yes, the senator from Taguig may claim Metro Manila or the National Capital Region (NCR) as his bailiwick. But it cannot be denied that he shares it with Sen. Trillanes, or possibly Vice President Binay’s vice presidential candidate, if he or she is from that capital region. Even Chez Escudero can partake of the NCR electorate.

     Now, will Duterte gamble his chance with Cayetano?


     We take our hat off to the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) under the leadership of P/SSupt. Vicente Danao. Its Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group has been hailed the best in the entire country for the year 2015.

     The awarding ceremony was held last September 23 at Camp Crame in Quezon City. The award was handed over by no less than Police Director General Ricardo Marquez to DCPO Deputy Director for Operation P/Supt. Francis Donald Brillantes.

     The DCPO anti-illegal drugs task group bested all other police anti-illegal units all over the country because of its many accomplishments in the illegal drugs campaign. The group’s sustained drive netted an estimated P17 million worth of illegal drugs confiscated for the period January to August this year.

     Yes, the DCPO deserves the award not only because of the value of the drugs busted but due to the consistency of the campaign. The police know that illegal drug traders will continue to ply their merchandise in areas that have some sectors of its population vulnerable to the scourge. And the city is one of those.

     In Davao the drug lords distribute the drugs like shabu, cocaine and marijuana because that is their business. They make money from the illegal trade by the millions. As to the small-time pushers and couriers they are in the trade to make a living.

     With the DCPO’s no let-up campaign against those who perpetuate the illegal drugs business the proliferation of the trade in the city has been effectively checked. Admittedly though, nobody can say it can be totally stopped.


     Here they are again. We are referring to the so-called feasibility study conducted in connection with the proposed construction of an Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS)-Davao main land bridge. The study is undertaken by the Katahira and Engineers International (KEI), a Japanese civil engineering and consultancy company commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Japanese aid agency is funding the feasibility study.

     The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Region XI says it is not consulted on the feasibility study as well as on the bridge project itself.

     While MARINA’s regional head Felisa Orongan is saying that the agency may not necessarily be part of the study team, she said that among the most affected parties by the bridge construction are under its regulatory authority. These are the boat and ship operators.

     We agree with MARINA in the sense that boat sizes and tonnage will have to be considered in determining the bridge’s height clearance and pylons’ distances.

     Lack of consultations or no consultations at all? When will our government planners ever learn?

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