ROUGH CUTS| A DPWH practice that must be stopped

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     We believe that this practice of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of packaging two or three projects into one bidding with the winner taking them all should be immediately stopped. Based on our observation in the case of the Sitio Acasia-Matina Biao road; crossing New Valencia to sitio Solid stretch and the 200-meter stretch of the Talandang-Calinan Road concreting project all in the third district which is undertaken by only one contractor, the “packaging” is not advantageous to the people and the government. More so if the winning contractor is badly wanting in equipment and manpower.

     In the above-cited packaged road concreting project the 200-meter Talandang stretch was started last July 2015 yet. But until now only one side is completed. And since the concreting is not done alternately on both sides, what is happening is that no activity can be done on the remaining side because the contractor has to wait until the full curing of the concrete on the completed side. So work is expected to resume by December 2 yet; roughly a lull of 20 days.

     On the other part of the package, the contractor started punching holes on the old concrete so that destruction thereof would supposedly be made faster.  The pockmarks are about 6 inches deep with diameter of about 2 and one half inches. When motorbikes and four-wheel vehicles pass on that particular stretch, it is like travelling on an off-road trail. And those pockmarks have been there for more than a month now but no other work has been done on the project.

     When that portion of the road will be finally destroyed to give way to a new concreted road, we have no idea. One thing certain however, is the road building equipment can hardly be seen at the project site.

     In our inquiries about the project deadline, we were informed the completion date could be some time in February 2016 yet. But combining the entire length of the concreting project is roughly 2.2 to 2.3 kilometers.

     So, if we have to reckon with the month of July 2015 as the start of the project, that is five months up to this November.  At about 2.3 kilometers that would only mean a 460 lineal meter accomplishment per month or less than half a kilometer being completed monthly. That is far from “fair enough.”

     And if the situation of the project implementation has not been observed by any DPWH monitoring officer, naturally this method of taking advantage of the hapless population and the government by some contractors will continue unabated.

     Meanwhile the quality of the finished project will only suffer. Thanks to the inept DPWH officials who are conniving with these scheming, blood-sucking leeches.

     And yes, these contractors are usually having their won projects sub-contracted by other parties employing minors as workers who are paid only survival wages.


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