Road Rage AutoShow set April 7-9 at SM City Davao

The much-anticipated Road Rage Auto Show reels off this April 7 to 9 at the SM City Davao with some 20 entries expected take part.

“We have to screen the cars before they can join. We want to showcase the best of the best cars Mindanao can offer,” said Junnie Samsi of the sponsoring Total Lubricants.

The two-day auto show will also have the registration center of the coming Hot August Races Drag Racing Championship plus games for its spectators. It will showcase from race cars, elegant automobiles, SUVs and mini-trucks.

More, it will be a prelude to the red-carpet screening for the movie Fast and Furious 8-The Fate of the Furious which will be held on April 16 at SM City Davao’s Cinema 3.

Also supporting the event are Extreme Makeover, Nats Performance, Dubshop, Black Mamba, Embrac Plus, Unicorn, T-Max, Amada Xtreme, Mindanao Global, PR Fender and AM/FM Productions.

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