Revision of Fisheries Code IRR Proposed

THE CITY council committee on food and agriculture has recommended to Mayor Sara Duterte to amend the implementing rules and regulations of the Comprehensive Fisheries Ordinance of Davao City to prohibit the fishing of juvenile and gravid spawner species of fish, according to documents from the legislative body.

According to a copy of the committee report, the committee was set to recommend the matter to Mayor Duterte, upon the urging of the City Fisheries and Resource Management Council (CFARMC).

The committee is recommending to Mayor Duterte to instruct the city’s fisheries departments and concerned agencies to revise the implementing rules and regulations of the measure.

The CFARMC last year asked the city council to pass an ordinance that prohibit the sale of small gravid spawner fish to encourage the larger catch of the species in the Davao Gulf.

The item has been referred to the committee on agriculture after being passed on first reading in October last year.

The CFARMC had passed a resolution for the ordinance as early as 2015.

The measure would be based on the implementing rules and regulations of the Comprehensive Fisheries Code of Davao City, which was passed in 2012.

However, the recent committee report said it was asking for the amendment of section 69, which only mandates the City Mayor’s Office, the City Agriculturist’s Office, and the CFARMC to identify the measurements of the species.

The amendment would already include the species and measurements of the fish.

In the CFARMC resolution, CFARMC chair Argie Lumibao said that the measure would likely provide “great economic benefits to all stakeholders.”

The fisheries office said it would readily provide a list of the juvenile species of fish, based on a list provided by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

The BFAR said it was already formulating the City Fishery Development Plan via public consultations with barangay fisheries councils, peoples organizations, and fisheries cooperatives in order to determine the needs, goals, objectives, and programs for development and management of the resources along the city’s waters.

Every June, the BFAR initiates a closed season for small pelagic fish, through a joint memorandum issued by the bureau and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

The ban, or closed season for fish, prohibits commercial fishing vessels from catching juvenile fish to improve the catch at the end of each closed season.

The plan aims to improve the catch of the 30 coastal municipalities of the region.

The BFAR implemented this year’s ban on time on the first week of June.

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