Random Thoughts: The big picture of change

Attention, my fellow Filipinos

“It is high time to take a no-nonsense look at how our unitary government has inefficiently addressed our recurring problems of improper allocation of powers between the national government and the local government units; the capture of government power by the political dynasties and the economic elite; the corruption that it breeds; the impoverishment of the masses it has caused; the breakdown of the rule of law; the threat of narco-politics; and the rebellion it has fomented from our Muslim brothers in the south and the NPA’s in our countryside” (Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (ret.), “Is the Philippine a failing DEMOCRACY?”, THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION ASSOCIATION, February 8, 2017).


Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, in one of his columns in the Manila Bulletin recently wrote that “TANDEM”, a part of civil society organized by concerned citizens to promote inclusive growth through political reforms, has proposed to amend the Philippine Constitution of 1987 by removing the restrictions, limitations, and prohibitions against foreign direct investments.” He further stated that “the Philippine has embraced massive poverty since the birth of the republic until today.”
Clearly, our Philippine society is not doing well and badly needs reforming. It is safe to say that our society is “sick” where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. Our “tatsulok society ay talamak sa kahirapan at patuloy ang kaguluhan.”
We cannot and should not go on like this. We must change for the better. We cannot and should not allow status quo to continue and witness great majority of our people living in misery brought about by massive dehumanizing poverty and breakdown of law and order.
Hence, the call of the times is for Real Social Transformation in the Philippines. Only fools will say that this is not so. Only those who are benefiting much in the existing unresponsive, oppressive and extractive economic and political systems we now have will say NO to Real Social Transformation in our country. Our number one enemy in this regard is the Filipino Imperialists (oligarchs, elites, extravagant big business people, traditional politicians of the worst kind and their cohorts like the Yellow Army).
Real Social Transformation requires two major reforms namely: 1) System or Structural Reform, and 2) People Reform. These two major reforms must go hand-in-hand because system affects people’s behavior and people’s behavior affects system.
As Wayne Gruden and Barry Asmus rightly pointed out in their book “THE POVERTY OF NATION”, to overcome poverty we must address four factors. These are: 1) The Nation’s Economic System, 2) The Nation’s Government, 3) The Nation’s Freedoms, and 4) The Nation’s Values. Only in an honest-to-goodness Social Transformation can we effectively address those four factors.
It is for this very reason why the Duterte Administration is so passionate in pursuing Constitutional Reform commonly known as Charter Change or Cha-Cha so that our country can adopt an inclusive economic system and an inclusive political system that will result to sustainable inclusive growth in the Philippines. An inclusive economic system is a modified Social Market Economy which is a combination of Free Market and social concerns. An inclusive political system is the more democratic Federal System.
Regarding People Reform which is a more challenging and continuing reform, our group in Davao City is finalizing a draft of a “New Filipino” People Reform Program to be submitted to Malacanang for consideration and possibly official adoption.
The contents of our draft Pamphlet on this Program are: 1) Prayer for Renewal, 2) Foreword, 3) Introduction, 4) The Foundation, 5) The Formula of Success, 6) Representation of the New Filipino, 7) The Seven Pillars of a New Filipino, 8) The New Filipino, 9) Significance of the New Filipino People Reform Agenda, and 10) Postscript
The Seven Pillars of a New Filipino are divided into four Bottom Pillars and three Upper Pillars. The four Bottom Pillars are: 1) Moral Recovery and Spiritual Renewal, 2) Patriotism Revival, 3) Entrepreneurship Mindset and Behavior, and 4) Physical and Mental Health. The three Upper Pillars are: 1) Love of God, 2) Love of Country, and 3) Love of God.
These Pillars are designed to: 1) Revitalize our moral values and spirituality, 2) Cure our over-family centeredness, 3) Moderate our over-employment orientation and develop an entrepreneurial mindset and behavior, 4)Appreciate that our body and mind as a whole is the “Temple of the Holy Spirit” and that “Health is Wealth”, and 5) Fully understand the right hierarchy of love. All of these are the embodiment of a New Filipino.
This big picture we have presented here hopefully will give our people better understanding of how to effectively respond to the current raging issues of Charter Change, Federalism, unabated corruption, massive poverty, continuing criminalities and disorder, unbalanced development, political immaturity, environmental crisis, moral and spiritual degradation, etc.
With clearer perspective of the whole gamut of reformation and transformation of our “sick” society, Filipinos can now make their informed decision of whether to maintain the status quo or support the honest-to-goodness “pagbabago” which the Duterte Administration’s promised to our people thru Real Social Transformation.
Life is about choices. Hopefully, with deeper understanding of the issues at hand, our people are more equipped now to make better choices. As our Good Lord tells us, “we have the ability to choose what we believe or want to do and that our choices affect our future.” Just remember our suffering fellow Filipinos and what we can do to help them.
May God guide our people in this regard.

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