Quake drill

-Exercise will fine tune disaster consciousness

THE CITY will brace for a citywide shakeout exercise at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning today as it culminates the observance of the National Disaster Resilience Month of July.

Lyndon Ancajas, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, said the disaster drill will give all barangays in the city the opportunity to fine tune its disaster consciousness ranging from alarm mechanism, first aide, and evacuation.
Ancajas said the drill will determine the response down to the barangays in the event disasters strike.
“The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office responders will not be around when a disaster happens initially. We need the first responders who all hail from the barangays to act accordingly, before we provide reinforcement,” Ancajas said.
He said the Emergency Response Center Central 911 will be on-the-scene to also test its response capability.
Ancajas said all the emergency response equipment like ambulance and fire trucks will run through to practice on scene management and response by the Central 911.
“There will be scenarios like people being toppled down by a building, being hit by vehicle during the course of the earthquake, and fire incident on progress,” he said.
Ancajas said the medical response of the Central 911 will be conducted at the Crocodile Park so that traffic on the city thoroughfares will not be hampered.
He said a total of one hundred people will join during the re-enactment of any incident at the Crocodile Park.
Ancajas said props and facilities will really affect the traffic, so the response time had been factored based on the exercise last 2017.
“We don’t have to close a major thoroughfare. It really impacts on the movement of goods and people in the city,” he said.
Ancajas said all barangays have identified corresponding evacuations sites with the coastal barangays situated their evacuation sites on higher ground.
“With the minimal number of high rise buildings in the city, Tibungco and Mahayag residents will seek refuge in Mojang, Sasa-Panacan areas will seek refuge at Sun City, Toril residents on its nearest higher ground,” he said.