Pyrotechnic fallout

Police sue 2 suspects for violating firecracker ban

LAW ENFORCERS filed a complaint at the Office of the Prosecutor against two alleged firecracker ban violators following their arrest in Mutual Homes, Barangay Communal, Buhangin District at 12:15 a.m. on Jan. 1.

Facing a charge for violation of the City Ordinance 062-02 are Michael Libre Sistual, 36, and Nick Ontolan Flores, 31, both residents of the area.

They were allegedly caught in the act of lighting a pyrotechnic fountain. The two are now temporarily held in Buhangin Police Precinct while waiting for prosecutor Maria Dulla Valles to resolve their case.

City Ordinance No. 060 prohibits “manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, or use of firecrackers or pyrotechnic devices.”

Under Sec. 3, P1,000 or imprisonment of not more than one month, or both shall be imposed on first time offenders; P3,000 or imprisonment of not more than three months, or both, on second time offenders; and P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than six months but not less than three months will be imposed on third time offenders.

The ordinance was passed in 2002 but Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordered the banning of firecrackers Christmas of 2001.

Based on the police records, a total of 10 firecracker ban cases, including this case, were recorded. But as of the press time, only Sistual and Flores were only sued before the fiscal’s office.

Sr. Insp. Maria Teresita Gaspan, the Davao City Police Office spokesperson, said they recorded was no casualty caused by firecracker per information from the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), the largest government hospital in the region.

Few minutes after the New Year, two persons were arrested for violating the firecracker ban by Talomo police officers.

One of the arrested was a minor who was immediately released. The other was identified as Aliza Gracyl Beldia, 27, who was arrested in S.I.R Matina in Barangay Bucana (76-A) for lighting a pyrotechnic.

In Calinan, police arrested Rizan Roca Gofrero, 30, a laborer from Barangay Wangan. Confiscated from him was one tin can cannon known as lantaka.

The Bunawan police also collared five, including three minors.

The two adults were identified as Noel and Acero Bainticulo, both residents of Km. 24 in Bunawan. Taking from them were 17 pieces of firecrackers and one pack of sparklers.