Pulong denies new customs allegation

VICE Mayor Paolo Duterte has quickly dismissed new allegation that he is involved in customs anomalies.

 In a statement sent to reporters yesterday morning, the President’s eldest child said there was no need to respond to the issue, since the person who dragged his name himself already said the information was based on rumors.

 “(Mark) Taguba admitted that his testimony against me was based entirely on rumors. Why would we entertain or believe a hearsay? One does not dignify lies with a response,” Vice Mayor Duterte said.

 The name of the young Duterte has repeatedly been tagged in anomalies by political enemies as well as witnesses in publicized probes conducted by both House of Representatives and Senate.

 However, no case has so far prospered against the two-term vice mayor.

 The 26-year-old Taguba said in a House probe earlier this week that the vice mayor has been namedropped as one of those involved in anomalies in the Bureau of Customs.

 During the House probe on the Davao Death Squad, Paolo’s name was also dragged by self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato as involved in various illegal activities, including smuggling cases. Further, turncoat witness, then police officer Arthur Lascanas, supported Matobato’s allegation.

 The Vice Mayor has challenged his accusers to file cases.

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