Prosecutor charges man with arson try

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has indicted a laborer for trying to burn a vehicle in Tigatto on July 24.

Prosecutor Shahruddin Roberto O. Sencio charged Benjie Vergil Llamera for attempted arson in violation of Sec. 1 of Presidential Decree 1613 (The law on arson).

The case stemmed from the complaint filed by Christian Jay D. Guira, a site administrative supervisor of Narra Park Residences, a project of Alson, Inc., located in Tigatto.

In his affidavit, Guira claimed that he saw the respondent outside his office and was pulled away by a security guard. The complainant learned that the respondent was drunk and was striking the wooden chairs and culvert fabricator.

The respondent was also seen by witness pouring gasoline on the tarpaulin which covered the defective truck. Llamera also demanded a lighter from one of his co-laborer who called the security guards.

Llamera was caught after hiding among the stocked culverts in the area and was later endorsed to Buhangin police.

Investigating prosecutor Maria Cynthia Prat, in determining probable cause, said that “there was an attempt to burn a vehicle when the respondent poured gasoline on the tarpaulin cover of the vehicle owned by the complainant corporation.

Prat also noted that stages of crime do not apply in the offense punishable by laws as Presidential Decree 1613 is not a special law.

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