Proposal bared to help kids at risk

A PROPOSAL to further strengthen protection of children at risk was raised at the city council during its regular session Tuesday. Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta, in her privilege speech on Tuesday, said that “Mayor Sara Duterte in a communication to me, expressed her concern on children sniffing solvents, for instance and queried if we have existing laws covering this, and more importantly, what legislation could be crafted so that the City Social Services Division could be properly equipped in legal, physical, and financial requirements and capabilities.”
Acosta added that in an initial meeting with CSSDO Head Ma. Luisa Bermudo , they both fully support the aspiration of the city Mayor to be proactive in matters that concern the safety of children in particular, and the community in general.
“True enough, it would be wise to craft an ordinance that establishes intervention programs catering to children at risk. Let us not wait to give significant interventions only after they have become CICL’s (children in conflict with law) or children in conflict with the law,” Acosta said.
The program for the children at risk will be proactive and the legislation of this program will help provide a safe and protective environment for children who are at risk of becoming either victims, or becoming CICL’s.
She also added that she will pass a resolution to amend the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Davao City as the LGBTQ does not have a representative at the Anti-Discrimination Conciliation and Mediation Board.
The Integrated Gender and Development Division, an office under the City Mayor, also does not have a representative in the board.
“It is only fitting to include representatives from the LGBTQ+ community and the IGDD in order for them to aid the board in addressing the sensitive issues concerning gender discrimination,” Acosta said.
The proposal was passed on first reading.

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