Digong app launched

THE PRESIDENTIAL Communications Operations Office (PCOO) launched yesterday the Duterte mobile application and online link that aims, among others, for every Filipino here and abroad to report complaints directly to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Its official website is

In the keynote message delivered by PCOO Sec. Jose Ruperto Martin Andanar during the National Information Convention held here, Duterte said “the impressive presentation, showing the magnitude of the work being undertaken by the different agencies, is a concerted masterpiece of our women and men in the Communications Office.”

“We stand on the threshold of a new platform in communication, based on the speed and the sophistication of technologically advanced instruments, that have simplified the relay of information, to the farthest reaches of our world,” the president said in the message.

“Instant data can now be acquired, with the click of fingers on the computer, person-to-person contact, and audio-visual image in real time. The vast expanse of assorted information can be read on mobile phones, to which a large number of our people are attached and seemingly addicted to,” the message read.

Andanar, in an interview with reporters at the sidelines of the convention held at SMX in Lanang, said the application is also useful to counter disinformation and fake news.

“We should wage war against disinformation and fake news,” Andanar said.

“Let us work together kung merong maling binabalita tungkol sa inyong LGU (local government units), barangay and agencies,” he added. “We should fight against it.”

Paolo Saycon, chief executive officer (CEO) of iBayad Ventures Online, said the application is managed by the PCCOO, with connection to media sites such as PTV, RTVM, and Radyo Pilipinas.

“Kahit ang ibang agency gusto na sana maging part pero sabi ni Secretary Andanar iayos muna nila lahat ang platforms (Other government agencies also want to be part of the application but Andanar said they should first fix the platforms),” Saycon said.

“The way the application is designed we can add other sources of information,” he said.

One of the features in the application is the sentiment analysis tool or poll survey, he said.

Mervin Caraan, business development officer of iBayad, said that it took them a year to prepare the application.

He said they will keep updating the application.

Caraan said the application features personal message from the President to bring him closer to the people.

There also a feature called Public Eye where a citizen can directly give feedback that even the President can read, he said.

“So this is basically a recording and reporting tool for the citizens,” Caraan said.

Saying that there is a lack of safety and security infrastructure in the Philippines and that CCTV equipment are not enough, the application will make the users to become the mobile CCTV for the government, he further said.

“This module allows users to report crime, incident or complaint to the appropriate agency,” Saycon said.

He said that users reporting a particular illegal activity and incident are protected.

“If you post in Public Eye, it will not be visible to the other users as it will only be sent to the concerned authorities,” he said.

He said they also want to prevent individuals from making fictitious accounts with the aim of destabilizing the government or disseminating misinformation.

Saycon said the application is also helpful to maltreated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) abroad as they can easily send reports.

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