Policy to quarantine Mindanao proposed

POULTRY industry stakeholders have proposed for a policy that will quarantine Mindanao in case of disease outbreak.

Lawyer Lalaine dela Victoria, Davao Poultry and Egg Producers Inc. president, said yesterday during the Wednesdays @Habi at Kape at Abreez Mall that her group will push for the proposal during the upcoming Davao Agri-Trade Expo slated on September 21-23.

Dela Victoria said the proposal is for a policyto be crafted that will make Mindanao a single quarantine zone independent of the rest of the country so that when diseases spread, it can either be not affected or that it would be able to contain the spread.

“We would want to push the policy that Mindanao will be created as a different zone from the two islands, Luzon and Visayas. So that when there is an outbreak in Luzon, Mindanao will be another zone to mitigate the impact of the outbreak on the production of the country,” she said, adding that the issue will be brought to the attention of the government top executives who are attending the event.

 “A law regarding quarantine will be good. If there is a law that will create different quarantine zones, mas maganda kasi yung hiwa hiwalay tayo,” she added, although she said the Agriculture department can issue an order to implement the policy.

However, she said, the recent outbreaks in Luzon had given a false impression to other countries that the poultry industry of the entire country is virus-contaminated.

“Ngayon, nalalahat sya. Hindi naman totoo yun dahil sa Luzon lang nagkakaroon ng outbreak. We are not affected and we are separated by water,” she said.

Dela Victoria said there is a need for Mindanao to preserve the integrity of its poultry industry as it has remained bird flu-free.

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