Police say informant confessed

Police claimed the construction worker who led authorities in discovering the body of the hogtied six-year-old girl has admitted the crime.

But the suspect told reporters he was only forced to own up killing Christine Angel Tino Laquinario, a resident of Barangay Matina Pangi, Talomo District.

Rico Jay Lauron Labao, 27, is now detained after he reportedly confessed to the victim’s mother that he killed the victim.

Labao led authorities in discovering the body of the girl but his alleged inconsistent statements prompted the police to invite him for interrogation.

According to the police, Jezalle Tino Laquinario confronted Labao on the death of her daughter on Sunday night.

Labao reportedly confided to the victim’s mother that he killed the girl as he asked for forgiveness.

Labao allegedly revealed that he saw Angel playing alone on the road as he was on his way home around 4 p.m. of Sept. 17, a Monday.

Labao allegedly said he called up the victim.

The witness-turned-suspect was allegedly drunk during the crime.

He allegedly hogtied and choked the victim until she died.

To conceal the crime, he allegedly covered the body with coconut husks and set it on fire.

Labao hurriedly left the place.

A couple who allegedly saw Labao adjacent to the crime scene at the time the girl was reportedly missing also showed up at the police station.

The couple, names withheld, claimed they saw Labao passing by their house on the day they girl was reportedly missing. The house was just a few meters away from the crime scene.

The couple said Labao brought a cement sack, containing coconut husks.

According to the witnesses, Labao walked hurriedly, and they noted his “scary red eyes.”


But in an interview with reporters, Labao denied owning up the crime.
“Giangkon nako nga wala koy sala,” he said. (I admit I didn’t do the crime.)

Labao said he was “just forced” to admit.

“Bahala na ug maunsa ko, basta wala gyud ko ato,” he added. (Whatever happens, I have nothing to do with it.)
In an interview yesterday, Sr. Insp. Maria Theresita Gaspan, the spokesperson of Davao City Police Office (DCPO) said they are still waiting for the autopsy report so they can determine the case to be filed.

The autopsy was being conducted on Monday. The autopsy result will establish the cause of the victim’s death and will also determine if the victim was sexually molested.

If the victim was raped, Gaspan said they will file a case of rape with homicide. If there was no rape, the suspect will be charged with murder. Both heinous cases are non-bailable.

The victim was found with electrical wires tied around her neck and feet in Barangay Matina Pangi, Talomo District around 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 23, six days after she was reported missing. The body, already in a state of decomposition, was partly burned.

Initial investigation showed that it was Labao who allegedly discovered the body at the grassy portion in Purok 11, Km. 9.

The suspect is just a neighbor of the victim’s family in Morio-Morio, Km. 8.5, Matina Pangi.

Police said they recovered inside Labao’s house several wires identical to the wires found at the crime scene.