Police ordered to intensify operation vs. firecrackers, illegal discharge of firearm

THE REGIONAL police director ordered provincial and city directors to step up the apprehension of violators of the firecracker ordinance, as well as illegal discharge of firearms.

Supt. Antonio Rivera, public information officer, said that Chief Supt. Wendy Rosario also issued the marchign order for station commanders to put more police officers on the streets through the foot and mobile patrol units to monitor violators.

The police officers were also directed to coordinate with barangay functionaries and residents to urge them to call the hotline and report violations.

“The seriousness of our police operations stemmed from our desire to keep the public safe especially the children from any firecracker and illegal discharge of firearm related injuries,” Rosario said. “Let us put a stop to the never ending story of the people being hurt ,hit or killed by stray bullet mostly caused by drunk irresponsible people with loose firearms.”

In a report, a police officer assigned to the Laak Comval Police Provincial Office has fired his service pistol in front of their station last Sunday afternoon.

The suspect was identified as PO1 Jhoy Abucayon Velasco,a police non-commission officer.

Report said that Velasco abandoned his post to have a drink with companions and in the height of drunkenness, sent unruly text messages to his superior, Sr. Insp. Melvin P. Fernandez, before firing his gun twice.

Responding police seized his Glock 9mm pistol with serial number 35233, but the suspect escaped.

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