Police on red alert as year comes to a close

THE CITY is placed on “double red alert” status for the coming New Year to preempt the expected rise of petty crimes during the holiday season.

“We need to be even more vigilant because we received some information about a threat, although the threat is not that intense,” she said, without elaborating on the nature of the intel.

“We really can’t predict what will happen, so we will institute security measures to preempt any eventuality,”she added.

Police tightened also their checkpoints in the exit and entry points in the city, but asked the public to text or call the police hotline if they find anything suspicious.

Meanwhle, the Davao City Police Office reminded the public anew against using firecrackers in welcoming the New Year to avoid heavy fines and possible jail time.

“You can use blow horns or other things to create loud noise,” said police spokesperson, Chief Insp. Milgrace C. Driz. “We can drive evil spirits, according to our traditions, this way.

“We don’t have to light firecrackers.”

On Christmas day, police arrested two persons for lighting firecrackers.

“It is generally peaceful and we did not observe any major incident,” she said. “We also did not record anybody selling firecrackers, but some were arrested for using one.”

The suspects were identified as Aljun A. Blasquez, 35, and Rogelio C. Polancos, 32, residents of Garden Villas, Catalunan Grande for allegedly lighting firecrackers at 10 p.m. of Dec. 25.

They were apprehended for using three pieces piccolo firecracker.

A 13-year-old boy was also apprehended by the Toril police in Agton Street for using a  firecracker. He was then turned over to DSWD for proper intervention.

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