Police: no result yet on video showing 4 kidnapped victims

THE SPECIAL Investigation Task Group Ocean View is still waiting for the result of the validation of the video uploaded on YouTube showing the kidnapped victims on Samal Island last Sept. 21.

“The result wasn’t released yet,” Supt. Antonio Rivera, spokesperson of Davao Police Regional Office, told reporters on Wednesday’s AFP-PNP Press conference.

“We submitted the video to Manila because we have no equipment here to scrutinize it,” he said.

Rivera also said the two suspects who were arrested in Tibungco will remain a person of interest as their involvement in the kidnapping of the three foreigners and the Filipina has not been ruled out yet.

He further said that they haven’t received an extortion demand from the responsible group.

Maj. Gen. Rafael Valencia, commander of 10th Infantry Division, also said that the unit is relying on the information they are receiving from their investigators in Sulu.

The 2:22-minute clip was on the video sharing site on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and it showed three foreigners and a Filipina held by armed men. There were eight fully armed men surrounding the victims with the recognizable black ISIS flag flying behind them.

“My name is Robert Hall,” the emaciated foreigner says to the camera. “To my family and friends, I’m okay but I’m in grave danger. I encourage you please to contact the Canadian government, ask them, plead with them to cooperate with the Philippine government to stop the bombings and operations that are going on here.”

”I know that there are people that can find a way to these,” he adds. “Please help us.”

“To the owner of Ocean View Marina please heed their demands or else we’ll be possibly dead,” the Norweigian, Kjartan Sekkingstad, begs.

“My name is John Ridsdel, I confirm that we were taken captive from the Ocean View Marina in Davao. I would like to add and give a message from all of us …”

“We urge the Canadian government to please, please help us and the Philippine government by stopping all of the operations that has been going on like bombs … military operations. Please stop so that the negotiations can start about their demands,” he says.

A masked man addresses the camera as he says, ”I deliver the message to the Canadian and Philippine government. We want your cooperation with us and to meet all the requirements.”

“Number one there must be no military operation and there must be no artillery attack … against us. Once you meet our requirements then we can talk about (the) negotiation and demand.”

On the other hand, Col. Norman Zuniega, assistant chief of staff of the 10th Civil Military Operation, said, “It shows proof of life, but the technical people should look into it.”

“We want to know the location, background and other aspects of the video,” he added.

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