PMA exam at UM on Sunday

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) will conduct an examination on Sunday, Sept. 9, for those who want to be officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The PMA will conduct the 2018 PMA Entrance Examination in 40 testing centers nationwide on that day.
In the Davao region, this will be conducted at the University of Mindanao in its main campus at Bolton Street.

Speaking in yesterday’s i-Speak forum at the City Hall’s conference room, Navy Captain Salvador Gacho Lavapie Jr., the officer-In-charge (OIC) of the PMA entrance examination examiners in Davao, is inviting the youth of Davao region to take the examination.

In promoting the PMA examination, Lavapie was accompanied by four graduating cadets from the region.

“(We are) hoping that we can invite more youth to join the military and study at the premiere military school,” Lavapie said.

Last year, around 800 applicants in the region took the PMA entrance examination in the city. No figure was released how many passed the examination.

“We offer benefits,” Lavapie said. “We offer a lot to those who passed the exams.”

Those who pass the examination will become full scholar of the government and will receive P48,000 monthly allowance effective next year, Lavapie said.

To qualify for the PMA, one must be:
* A natural born Filipino citizen.
* Physically fit and of good moral character.
* Single and has never been married.
* A passer of the PMA Entrance Examination.
* Have no administrative/criminal case.
* At least a high school graduate with at least 85% GPA.
* At least 5 feet tall for both male and female is (not to exceed 6’4″ for both).
* At least 17 years old but not a day older than 22 years on the reporting date (June 1, 2019).
Applicants who are currently in Grade 11 are not qualified to take the exam while those who are currently in Grade 12 are qualified to take if they will graduate before Jun. 1, 2019.
Those who have GPA lower than 85 may still apply as walk-in applicants. However, they will be placed on a secondary list of walk-in applicants and will be given a chance to take the exam depending on the slots available.