Plastic companies urge public on responsible plastic disposal

Discipline is cited as the main problem of the country’s plastic pollution problem.

Evmard T. Yoyongco, the quality environment representative of Tomorrow’s Plastic Industries Inc., said during the 12th Manufacturing Technology Davao on Friday that the Philippines is the third largest contributor of ocean plastics in the world.

Today, plastic companies are changing their production techniques by using “environment friendly” materials.

Yoyongco said that the use and disposal of PET bottles and single-used plastic products contribute mainly to the plastic pollution in the Philippines.

Neighboring countries like Taiwan already banned the disposal of plastic items by 2030.

China has developed degradable plastics to help curb the serious plastic pollution in the oceans.

In the Philippines, more plastic companies are developing studies on using recycled materials for their production. “In our company, we conduct a series of training for our employees on the proper disposal of plastic products,” said Yoyongco.

Evergood Plastic, also one of the companies who attended the said event, is already practicing the recyclin of plastic materials like most firms.

They believe that the problem is primarily due to the improper disposal of plastics by the end users. (Regina Mae Ronquillo)

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