PLAIN & SIMPLE|Fanatics?

IS IT fanaticism or simply admiration? I sat beside actor Richard Gomez, the newly elected mayor of Ormoc City, and I asked him about his dream for Ormoc and his sports plan for the city.I talked to him in Bisaya because he was fluent in our language, even if he was Tagalog.  That amazed me. If Tagalogs would really try their best to learn Bisaya, they could, even for a short time. Richard did it while living in Ormoc with Lucy Torres, his wife.

Mayor Gomez was so interested in sports. He told Chairman Butch Ramirez he wanted to host  the Batang Pinoy and he is serious about it. He will prepare for it, he told the national assembly of sports people from all over the country.

But while he was talking about his target for Ormoc, I observed that so many delegates were on our back.  I did not know why they were there until one group approached him and sought him for a picture with them.  Mayor Gomez stood and went to the group, err groups for picture taking.

Men and women wanted to have pictures taken with him. Richard is now into politics, but he remains the artiista that they followed. At 50, Richard has gained so much following in the artiosta world.

He became most popular especially among the Bisayans in Visayas and Mindanao because Richard speaks fluent bisaya.  He has endeared himself to the Bisayan-speaking  people.

When women could not resist his presence, that I could understand.  But in that gathering, men lined up for a picture taken with him. Were they Gomez- fanatics or simply admirers from the province?

My niece who now works with PSC could not resist the presence of Richard Gomez. She had a picture taken with him. And her smile lingered in that halls of Ultra as she posted her photo with Richard Gomez on Facebook.

When my niece invited us to visit Tagaytay, she was still talking about Richard Gomez. Giggling with excitement, she said that even if  Richard is now 50, he remains as macho and handsome as ever.

Was it fanaticsim on her part or simply a woman admiring a man?

There was Ramon  Fernandez, once a basketball star and now one of PSC commissioners . But there were only a few who went to him for a picture taking.  There was Mikee Cojunagco Jaworski, but only few came for a picture taken with her.

But it was different with Richard Gomez.  It seemed every group wanted to have a picture taken with him. I would not be surprised if Richard will run for a senate seat and wins.

I was there  with our team to assist Chairrman Ramirez draft and craft the sports direction for the next six years.  The target is a strong grassroots program and the establishment of the Philippine Sports Institute.

Chairman Ramirez wants everybody heared in the crafting of the sports target for the next sixyears following a mandate given him by the president.

He wanted the PSC to be all over the region for grassroot sports development and for talent identification.

While the country targets the olympics, Ramirez wants to focus on developing a healthy and vibrant citizenry.  This is more important and essential in the human endeavor .

But in that table where I was with Richard Gomez, nobody pat my back for a picture taken with me.  LOL.

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