PLAIN & SIMPLE| Time to change

CHANGE, the philosophers among us say, is the only constant thing in this world. Ah, well, how often we play on words, and with change, we wanted to play on it?

But really, if we want to make our lives better, I think we innovate, we create. We change. But why change, they said, when they are okay?.  Ah, well, so don’t change. This is a free country. If you don’t want to change, then don’t.

Many among us in our constant search for what is best want to change, from is to what should be, from what is not good to what is better, from is better to what is best. The Ateneans call this magis, to do more when there is just mediocrity.

And so when then mayor and now President Duterte called for change, and when his campaign team was calling for it, it became their campaign slogan. Time for change. I really have not fathomed its real meaning, but the mayor made it his campaign slogan.

Now he is the President of our country, and in his speech, he underscored the idea of change. He said if we really want change, it should start from us and with us.

That is clear as the sun rising in the morning, No one can dictate it on us. I agree with the President that if we really want change, it should start from us and with us,

Theology will tell us that.  Retreats will stress that idea. And the President pushe it for us if we want this country to progress.

 So in simple terms, I thought of the many little issues we have around us. If we want order on the streets, then we respect the pedestrian.  But in front of NCCC Matina, people don’t respect the pedestrian.

Everywhere they  cross the street stepping on the island with flowers. They don’t care. And sad that many of those who cross that are in school uniforms. No enforcer is monitoring that stretch of road. But  must they need enforcers to respect road signs?

And look at our roads. They are widened and paved, thanks to the industry of the DPWH. But those living  along those roads also rejoice at the wide parking space and repair shops they have.  They don’t care whether they can cause traffic or not, they park, repair and rest alongside the road unmindful of those who will still use those  roads.

Along the DMSF road, you see cars parked on both sides in wanton disregard of the traffic these parked car will cause, Talk of change?

So many little issues do not need the eye of the members of the city council for legislation. Common sense will tell us we do not covet something that is not ours. This is an old tradition and teaching of the Bible. Is there a need to stress that over and over again?

Siguro, there is that is why strong leaders thrive. One best reason why Mayor Duterte was catapulted to the presidency. What do you think?

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