PLAIN & SIMPLE| The Samal problem

HOW does the LGU solve the problem of Samal? “It’s beyond us, and we need help”, said Vice Mayor Al David Uy of the Island

Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). They really need urgent help. ASAP. The business losses are too high to imagine. If we have to believe in the estimates of Vice Mayor Uy, Samal needs immediate help. Imagine losing some Php90 million a day, that means a lot for Samal.

This is beyond them because it is DANECO which provides electricity to Samal and it has a contract with the city.

But right now, VM Uy said they are doing their best to restore power back to Samal. Right now, a power provider is negotiating with DANECO to supply power enough for the consumption of Samal’s need.

In our interview with VM Uy, his peers in the council have passed resolutions to arrest the problem of power in Samal.

One such resolution is the creation of a task force to handle the problem. Investigate what really happened and suggest solutions.

What happened?

Middle of this month, a ship destroyed the wires that provide the electricity to Samal. The result: blackout. And the entire island with resorts all over cried foul.

But this is where generous friends come in. VM David Uy sought the help of friends to provide temporary relief to their problems. The vice mayor said his friends have been helping Samal even before this blackout happened.

He cited the example when the business district got burned, the LGU of Panabo came to help, as well as his friends. It is sad and unfortunate that they cannot rely on the resources of the city because they are outdated.

I see the idealism of VM Uy. Not only is he young and a graduate of a prestigious school ( he graduated from La Salle University) , he is a leader wanting to propel Samal and Samalenos to live better lives.

He said he wanted Governor Del Rosario to take an active role in the development of Samal.  “We need the wisdom of the old”, he said because RDR can make a difference for Samal.

We need help right now, he said and with that his powerful message lingered among the Samalenos.  They really need help, ASAP.

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