PLAIN & SIMPLE| Season of campus journalism

CAMPUS  journalism made me busy. It brought me to the different divisions of DepEd in the region.

With Republic Act 7079, otherwise known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, DepEd is mandated to carry out this law to the grade school level with specific purposes.

I have become the partner of DepEd on this since it was institutionalized decades ago. Writing news, features, editorials, sports, science, columns, among others have become events where campus writers compete.

To prepare the campus writers for this, they train themselves in the district, division and regional levels up to the national press conference. Community journalists helped in ensuring that they get the basics in journalism.

DepEd trains the school paper advisers first so they have the basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes( KSA) in journalism

Advisers like this because they can travel; they can explore places in our country for free.

But more than the free trip, the school paper advisers explore other areas in our country best for their school papers. They discover and learn. They go beyond their classrooms.

Our students are learning new technologies, and learning so fast. If teachers don’t update or upgrade, they will be left in the dark with the language of the students.

And campus writers read a lot ( ah, well that I am presuming ) to be able to come up with best articles for their respective publications. Students are also trained to compete for the division, regional, and national press conferences.

You will be amazed at the growth of campus journalism since the law started early in the 90s. Any student with theis background is different from other students when he or she goes to college.

But this what I discovered when I went to the different divisions to train these students. Those in the city are far ahead than their counterparts in the province.

If we can pick the good or best writers in the province, they are more of the exception than the rule.   But the campus writers in the city are aplenty, and you have to judge them very religiously.

Some school paper advisers are also so passionate about campus journalism that they always come out ahead than advisers who are not.

Every time I meet the advisers, I always tell them it is really not about you winning, it is about the students winning. Not just winning in the division press conference, but winning in terms of valuing the KSAs.

But there are really exceptional students who write so well. And this is something that DepEd must look into very seriously.

After evaluating the articles of the students especially in the grades school, I really wonder what happened to the DepEd “Drop Everything and Read” program .

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