PLAIN & SIMPLE| Gimme a break!

OUR people had a break like watching a Paquiao fight. They saw and feasted on the beauties of the universe. Awed and enchanted, they simply had fun appreciating the ladies of the universe showed their wit and brilliance.

As of this writing, nobody knows who will succeed Pia, our very own from Cagayan de Oro City.

This is what I know and learn – so many best things for us as a people and as a country. Money came to our shores, and the event brought our country and its places to the world. That is a lot of marketing for our country.

The Miss Universe pageant showcases the best things about our country. So from here the challenges would be heavy and great for our leaders to improve our country’s places: airports, road networks, ports, among others.

But funny that this event also brought out the worst in us, criticizing our contestant with her weak grammar. It is as if we were born to it. My take there is that we were born with our regional dialects and we grew up with it.

English became our second language in school. But we spoke that language only in our classrooms, not in our homes and outside of the schools. Unless, you grew up with it and spoke it like the native English speakers.

We bash our contestant as if we were the best of the native speakers. Truth is this attitude has brought to what we are today tailing with our Asian countries. Look at the Japanese people speak their language, less of the English tongue that we brag about. And look where Japan is right now- way, way ahead of us.

Even in writing. We are so concerned with grammar that we forget to write an effortless peace of essay. I was always thought by the great writers I met to set aside grammar when we write. Grammar can’t make us really write.

It is our SHE that can make us write. Fr Galdon, a Jesuit priest, who was our speaker in Bacolod told us to set aside grammar when we write. Let us focus on our SHE – significant human experience. This will make us write – kasi may hugot. And after writing, we can now maybe focus on grammar.

So that is like it. Let Maxine do her best in answering. If she uses English fine. If she uses our language, let there be an interpreter. But golly, let us support her and wish her all the best and luck. As the former Ms Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz used to say – let Maxine enjoy her moment.

Give her a break from all these things. Let her enjoy her moment.

Meanwhile, let us pray for our leaders so they will look beyond this miss universe thing. No doubt, our country is home to miss universes. But it should reflect in our way of life and in the places of our country.

Let us start with our airports. Since they are the showcase of our country, they should be in their best appearance and condition. If visit our asian neighbors, you would be dismayed. Take a look at the airports of Singapore, Hongkong, and Malaysia. We have to level up, man. Upgrade.

If our airports are not in their best condition, our ports are worse. Plus the terminals we have all over the country. We recently travelled by land to Pagadian City via Cagayande Oro, and I saw the real situation.

Even our roads. We can’t understand why the road network from Davao to CDO is still undergoing repairs and more repairs. We just passed by that road, and it is still milkfish for cars to wade through. The same thing happens if you go to Davao del Sur. Contractors have just finished it, and in a few months, it is undergoing repair again.

We can go on and on with this. But our hope remains that with the Duterte administration in 2017, all these things will be relegated to the past. With his strong leadership, the president can effect change on all these.

With these changes, the president now at 71 can grow old so joyfully contented that he has made a difference in the lives of the Filipino people.

Postscript: Ms. France is Ms. Universe 2016 and Ms. Universe-Philippines placed top 6.

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