PLAIN & SIMPLE| A challenge to the local Church

IT IS ELECTION time, and the Church as an institution is challenged to make the moral guidance in choosing the right leaders to elect.

The parishioners – the faithful – wait for the guidance from their Archbishop Romulo Valles.  Who are they going to choose since election is fast approaching?

True, it should not endorse a candidate because that is not allowed by the hierarchy of the Church.  What is allowed is for the Church leader to issue guidelines who to choose, what characters they must possess, what Church values they live.

The Catholic Church has not endorsed candidates and it is not allowed by the laws, norms, and rules of the Church  to endorse one.

As far as I know, the Church will issue guidelines for the parishioners to browse over, read and ponder upon, then he or she picks what he or she thinks is the right candidate.

As of this writing I have read or heard guidelines issued by the leadership of the local church.  We have four strong candidates and one of them is our own. For the presidency, we have Duterte, Roxas, Poe and Binay…and Santiago.

For the vice presidency, we have Leni Robredo, widow of the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, Chiz Escudero, son of the late Escudero who was once the agriculture secretary of President Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, son of the late dictator, and Senator Cayetano, son of the Cayetano who was one of the best lawyers during his time.

We also have Senator Trillanes,and Senator Gringo Honasan.

If there are no guidelines from their Archbishop ( Archbishop Valles ), then they will be on their own making choices and voting for their own candidates.

But I believe it would help a lot if the church leadership will issue some guidelines so they can ponder on this before making their final choices.

As an obedient son of the Church, I would appreciate it if Arch Valles would issue the guidelines. I would appreciate it if the Church would be a little more aggressive on this or else it will be overtaken by events.

Right now, the parishioners are on their own with no guidelines from the Church to read, reflect and discern. This is dangerous because the parishioners will be left on their own and they might be vulnerable to some machinations of political leaders.

If the hierarchy of the Church will not aggressively work on this, it will forfeit its right of guiding the parishioners how to vote and who to vote for.

Without the Church guidelines spelling out the qualifications of the best politico to run this country, the parishioners will be left on their own to vote.


As I write this , the Ateneo Lady Eagles and the La Salle Lady archers are squaring off for this year’s UAAP volleyball championship.

As I have written earlier, I sensed that the championship will be between the two rivals. Ateneo vs La Salle.  I would have liked it diffferently like UE vs Adamson. Or Holy Cross Davao vs Cor Jesu.

But this is not going to happen. First because Holy Cross and Cor Jesu are not universities and they are not members of UAAP.

And as for Adamson and UE, they have a lot of practicing to do and strengthening of their recruitment of players.

But honest I love their last game where UE won for the first time. It was like winning the championship for them.

I wish we have something like that in Davao or in Mindanao. We have players worth watching. I saw that game between Ateneo and the Davao selection, and we have a lot of things to do to catch up with our counterparts in the capital region.

Look at how we fared in the last Palaro. We were not even in the magic 5. We were downed and out. Why what happened?

Give us the best answer DepEd people. So we can work on sports excellence ASAP.

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