PLAIN AND SIMPLE | When the world was young

HOW WAS LIFE when the world was young for me and friends of my age in the provinces?

Very simple, but we were so happy.

How simple? Ah, well, very simple, really. As the song goes, “we had fun, we had seasons in the sun”.

One friend who lived in Andap, New Bataan. recalled his youthful exploits with his relatives and peers in the 80′s.   The world was play and fun, under the sun. No heat index to worry about. There was the sun, but the weather was cold.

Cold, because the trees stood like sentinels as huge as the posts of the skyway in Metro Manila. And the rivers? Well, they drunk from their spring to quench their thirsts after playing hide and seek or tigso or bulan bulan. Those days were fun and exploding with laughter and joy.  Sheer fun, and we worried about nothing.

After the play, we all rushed to the rivers with their pristine splash. We ran naked even if we were already beyond our grade six years. Innocence hugged us. Pure thoughts embraced us. There was no malice then.

And I during the 70′s, played with my cousins and neighbors. We played with games we invented and created in the simplicity of our barrio. No technology to gobble. No so-called advancement.

T’was sheer youthful exuberance.  And boy, we had fun. It was sheer joy.

What was it like then in our little sitio in one of the towns of Davao del Norte (now Comval Province)? Life was very simple then. We invented balls for us to use in games that needed ball games. We invented. We created.

I learned to swim in the Libuton creek where our house stood just a little bit farther from the bank of the creek. We learned to love the creeks and rivers. They were as clear as the so-called mineral water bottled by water companies.

But the so-called modernization infiltrated our areas and our creek is gone. Not crystal-clear anymore, but brownish dirty shallow creek.

The days of my youth were synonymous to hornbills, iguana, huge lizards, orioles and parrots. All these are gone now.  The creek is gone. The birds are gone. Is this development?

The days of my youth were described with awe and wonder with hormbills fighting hawks that would nosedive and crush their prey.  This scene is gone as the birds are gone.

Fun, even if we have to buy bread made of flour which was as cheap as the softdrink at 2 cents. Fun, even if we had to invent and create our toys from the indigenous materials around us.

My generation, as we gather to celebrate any occasion, would always remember these days of simplicity to remind us that life’s true happiness and joy is not from the abundance of the things you have in the house, but  in the simplicity of our life.

The most important thing is that you have a soul to nurture with the experience.

We remember those days when we were contented with fruits from the wild and the food prepared by our parents with all their love.

Now we have gone complicated, and it saddens me when families of five take their lunch not talking to each other but focusing on their gadgets. Sad, that it has come to this point in our life.

And what about the GMRC that DepEd is talking about. Think deeply Sec Briones. Think seriously USEC and Asec of DepEd. First question you ask yourself? How are you up there as a family of DepEd people leading this department to form our human rresources?

Just musing. Just curious.

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