Plain and Simple | We can if we want to

The Filipino athletes can.

This was the short, direct, succinct answer of Ateneo de Manila University basketball coach Tab Baldwin when asked to comment if the Filipino basketball players can really excel internationally.
Yes, they can if they want to.
If our players have the right attitude, the motivation, the scientific training, discipline, and the drive, they will.
Coach Tab Baldwin parroted the essential elements of the Filipino players to excel. He was saying that if they have the proper training, the attitude, and the desire to do more, they can be at par with other athletes of the world.
We laud the effort of Pao and her sister Kara Salvador for organizing a coach’s education for coaches in Mindanao. Coach Tab said any coach worth his salt should never stop learning. He should upgrade his KRA – knowledge, and skills and attitudes.
Baldwin cited other countries that were at the bottom before like Argentina, Australia and Spain. But look at them now, he said. These countries are on top. There is something in their discipline and training that made them cut above the rest.
Our coaches should not be satisfied with what they learned from the experience of those who are trained in the barangays.
Coach Tab wants coaches in the countryside to learn modern coaching techniques from those who have the training internationally. This is why he fully supports the goal of the NGO doing this in Davao.
We thank sportsman and banker Rudy Salvador who invited me to interview Coach Tab because I wanted to know from him, he being a foreign coach.
His answer was inspiring, but I know it means a lot of hard work and patience. No instant gratification in excelling. Everything is hardwork.
Coach Tab’s presence in Davao would have been timely considering the holding of Davraa (Davao Region Athletic Association) meet here. It would have been nice had the Davraa coaches attended this seminar.
But while we were interviewing Coach Tab, we learned that Pinas loses to Australia, sad news, although I believe Australia is a better team.
But Coach Tab said the Philippines will have its golden years of basketball where our athletes trained themselves as real players.
Coming from a foreign coach who believes in us, that message is very inspiring. But it also means hard work. We can’t rely on our shouts of “puso” when our athletes do not have the right attitude.

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