Plain and Simple | Transformation of an addict

He was in his teens when he tried drugs and it became almost a habit. Drugs imprisoned him and he did so must to destroy his family, his school and himself.But Jay Valderrama, now project director of a rehab and wellness center, is now helping addicts transform their lives.

Call it a twist of fate or a determined focus from what was to what should be, Jay embraced life and the beauty and nobility it offers.  He turned away from his destructive habit and turned to faith and family.

There was life so much better than what was. He regretted the wasted years of his life indulging in something that destroyed his life. Drugs made him destroy not just the physical building of his schools but his life and his dreams.

Jay almost lost his life. But his family, always patient and always understanding, did not give up on him. He saw his family’s love and dreams for him. He woke up from his nightmare, from his deadly slumber.

He subjected himself to rehabilitation with his family supporting him fully. The family was so important in his recovery and transformation.

In my talk to him, Jay could only smile at those moments when drugs almost destroyed him. He smiled with gratitude at the love of his family that did a miracle in his life.

The life he went through also taught him the greatness of living. This is why Jay lives in this paradox exultant at life and the family that give him all the support.

But Jay has to get out of the box. After his years of service in the center where he poured his energies and expertise, he wants to serve the bigger community in this war on drugs by the President.

He has in fact developed a community rehab program which he believes so effective in changing the lives of drug dependents.

He tried it with an LGU  and the results are so great and heartwarming. Jay hopes that his community reha progran will be multiplied among LGU s in the country. Dependency on drugs is real and he wants to be of service to the nation.

Jay is now a most sought speaker abroad. But it is a lot better if he could give his services to his country. He wants to help the president in his war on drugs. This way he could make his vast experience on drug rehab the way he discovered it to be.


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