PLAIN AND SIMPLE | Traffic is here

It seems heavy traffic is going to be the norm in Davao City.  Traffic is suffocating us.  For taxi riders, it means double their fare to wherever they are going. Commuters have to contend with longer time to reach their destination. Your patience is tested; your humility, challenged.

I traveled to GenSan to connect with some sports enthusiasts in the city. I thought Gensan has a cooler climate now because June is here. But I was wrong. The heat index is still high in Gensan. Any visitor, if he does not own a vehicle, will have to take a tricycle as the means of transport which makes one feel uncomfortably hot.

But the city in the south still attracts visitors basically because of the Tuna, the pineapple plantation, the cannery, and other industries and manufacturing firms located in this city.

Gensan has become the center of commerce in that corridor of many good places: Saranggani, Marbel, Lake Sebu, Polomolok, and yes Tampakan, and a modern airport.

This could be one of the reasons why hotels abound in this city.

Those who can afford will go straight to Cebu or Manila because their airport can accommodate international flights. Gensan airport needs facilities to operate international flights like Mactan.

At SM Gensan, you see displays of locally made products from the towns of Tupi, Isulan, and Glan. For sure, when a festival is celebrated in this city, you see a convergence not only of culture but also of products.

I met my former student in the seminary who is now a lawyer and the administrator of the city, Atty. Arnel Zapatos.  He told us the programs of the city as inspired by Mayor Rivera.

But in order for Gensan to level up, it should do something about the growing number of pedicabs. A modern city won’t thrive with pedicabs like the ones in Gensan. It has to make it tourism friendly. Most of all, Gensan needs the services of taxi on the road.

I still would like to ask, why do you go to Gensan? What’s so special and unique about that city? Is it really tourism-friendly?

For one,  Pacman brings Gensan to the world. Begin with that.


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