PLAIN AND SIMPLE| Traffic, anyone?

TRAFFICE is here. It is real.

 Yesterday was another hell of a traffic. While the golden boys with some police officers were around to control the flow of the traffic, traffic was still so heavy.

 I took a taxi from Skyline with a priest I picked on the side of the seminary who was looking for a ride. I would have liked to pass through that small road from Bangkal Sped to LTFRB to elude the traffic jam in the main road of Bangkal.

 But the taxi driver pleaded we will pass by Central Park to Aplaya. And so I acceded. He passed by that road only to see another heavy traffic near the Our Lady of Lourdes Church. So the taxi driver tried to find a way to elude that heavy traffic.

 He found a way, and though it was a long cut, he reached the Aplaya bridge sooner than those cars stuck in the heavy traffic. We made it to our meeting in a university – though an hour late.

 Traffic is so real. If big and huge trucks are now allowed to pass on the main road, it is going to be like this hence. Traffic becomes a part of our life.

 But I know the city is looking into this so seriously because it means losses for business and others.

 It was best when the city fielded those buses to bring volume of commuters home. But it does not have to be done occasionally. I still would like to have a bus transit system for Davao for so many best reasons.

 First among them is safety and comfort. This to me is the primordial consideration. Second is the easing of the traffic. Third is for economics and business.

 Travelling safely and comfortably is the first consideration. Passengers are comfortable and safe with those air-conditioned buses. This is what Malaysia has. No multicabs. No old rickety jeepneys. Just brand new buses, taxi, train and the van for tourists and long distance travel.

 So many accidents on the road are due to non-functioning breaks because our jeepneys and trucks are either dilapidated or no longer safe for travel. To prevent the loss of lives it is good to have brand new buses.

 It is best for tourism too. Tourists are safe to travel. And comfortable, too. Seeing the countryside with best buses is so friendly for tourists. More tourists visiting Davao means a lot of money for the city. And it means more development projects. That simple.

 Once I wrote about this bus transit system , and seasoned broadcast journalist Jimmy Torres read it, he supported it knowing the significance of having a modern transport system.

 With this, it will make all of us winners. Especially our children. This is really best for our economy and our image as a country.

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