PLAIN AND SIMPLE| The real gold

WE USED to think that maybe we can win Olympic medals. Yeah, that is just a dream, a dream that has not been closed to becoming real.

Let us get real. In our dreaming, let us slap our faces and maybe spank our shoulders. So many reasons why dreaming of gold is just a dream.

In a recent history, Onyok Velasco won this silver medal in the pinweight division of boxing. And If I were among the judges, Onyok would have won the gold. But the judges robbed us of that gold.

But that is water under the bridge now. For us Onyok was our gold medal winner in boxing.

Onyok and Manny Paquiao are made of a special breed. Paquiao, now a member of the Senate, is so rare, the only in a lifetime of our country’s history.

Hard for us to get the gold because of the way our sports sector is managed. It really is not the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) which is directly handling athletes for the Olympics..

The law on sports, Republic Act RA 6847, demands that PSC gives money to national sports associations who are in charge of developing athletes. PSC only supervises and monitors the money it gives to these NSAs.

It is, therefore, prudent for the PSC to ensure that the NSAs use its money for the purpose by which it is given. Otherwise, it would be accused of neglect of the highest order.

There were times in the recent past that the PSC and the NSAs were at loggerheads after the former decided to be stingy in providing funds to the latter because the NSAs could not provide a comprehensive accounting of the funds provided to them. This must always be the rule to ensure that, aside from ensuring that they train the athletes so they could reach their potentials, at the same time ensure that they are good in fund management.

Those NSAs that cannot comply with the two obligations, must be wiped out from the history books of Philippine sports.

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