Plain and Simple | The murals around City High

I have long wish that our local artists would do a mural unique to us in Davao City. Murals are pieces of art that attract and define a community and its people.

When I was in Ipoh, one of the cities of Malaysia, I saw this huge mural by an Estonian artist in the empty walls of the city. I saw the murals all over the city, and Tourism Malaysia made sure guests, tourists and friends would come to appreciate them.

One huge mural awed me the most and I made sure I had a photo of it as the backdrop. As I was looking at it with fascination, I wished we had one or more in Davao. These murals would make Davao unique. The city’s tourism would grow, believe me, because even the locals in the region would come to visit.

So I thought of artists familiar to me like Ric Obenza, Vic Secuya, Kublai Milan, among others. I don’t know them but I know them as artists of Davao. I wish one day they would do a mural that truly defines us in Davao.

Now, I saw these murals, finally. It awed me not only because they are superbly painted but also because they are painstakingly created in the walls of Davao City High School. They reflect the history culture and people of Davao.

I was told the murals of city high are supervised by Kublai Milan, one of our artists which created huge sculptures all over Mindanao. The eagle in Buda is his. I saw his art in Zurallah, in the town’ s rotonda. and another one in Panabo.

But these city high murals are carefully supervised. They are not the kind in the walls in many public schools in Davao where we think it was much better if they were not there. They look more like vandals, than art.

Not the city high murals. I was told these are painted by city high seniors who study art and design. On the Mabini side, the murals are almost done. The one in front of the Assumption church is still in progress. I am excited when these are through.

I also want to see the art of Ric Obenza and Vic Secuya. I want to see the uniqueness of their art in their murals. I want to enjoy the beauty of their art, of how the muses must have inspired them.

Aside from these three artists, we have the artists of the Ford Academy of the Arts and University of Mindanao. If those tarps in SM City with photos from the world’s iconic tourism sites attract viewers, I am sure these murals will attract more people.

Davao artists should fill the empty walls of the city with mural paintings. Believe me, people will not just appreciate, they will bow their heads in supplication.

Rather than making those spaces the place for vandals, let’s make them a sight to behold. Art is an expression of what’s noble in us.

Congrats, dearest artists of city high and Kublai Milan. My salute to the nobility of your act: to paint murals of our colorful history.

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