Plain and Simple | The dolphins of Mindoro

NOT EASY going to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. From the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, one must drive to Batangas port for two hours. At the port, you wait for your roll-on roll-off (RoRo) which will take you about two hours to Puerto Galera.

It’s a long humid voyage, but it’s worth the travel.

You discover the islands of our country which we studied only in our books. The so-called archipelago becomes real with travels to our islands.

Like Samal, Mindoro is an island. Puerto Galera is now home to many Americans and Europeans. They simply love the place. They love to dive in the seas of Mindoro.

After our three-day engagement with the LGU of Puerto, we left with memories of an island inhabited by the Spanish conquistadors, hence the words Puerto Galera. It talks about galleons and the galleon trade from Acapulco, Mexico.

We took the Roro again so early in the morning when darkness of the island engulfed us. As dawn broke with the sun’s rays on us, we slowly saw the adjoining islands.

We saw the calm seas as we traveled. It would have been a joyful travel except for a spoiler who threw his beer cans to the sea in front of his children. In the Roro was a garbage bin but it looked like the man refused to see it.

I transferred to the side of the small ship and enjoyed the scenery except that the garbage floats in the sea. Can’t understand why our kind refused to see the damage when they throw their garbage.

But I had my heart pumping with glee when I saw from a short distance dolphins playing. Call it a school of dolphins?  They were many but they were not huge like those on TV. They were kids that frolicked in the sea. But the pile of garbage was also near their place.

Reminds me of what Tito Sen, yes the new senate president, when he said it is hard for us to move up because we don’t follow simple rules like No parking. He said people seem to forget to follow laws.

There is wisdom in that. Look at the Torres St. stretch in front of RMC. It is now huge parking space and a repair shop. How come no one is kicking their a….es there?

And if you pass by the medical school drive you get to see cars parking on both sides. The road is for all, but these few do not want us to enjoy and use the same road.

Where are the enforcers?

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