Plain and Simple | Stories that linger

THESE are stories that long for swift action. I was glued to Jessica Soho’s stories of challenge and pain last Sunday. They needed immediate attention.

One story is so near because it is a story of a blind man in Cocornon, Lupon, Davao Oriental. It’s a story of a coco husker. Completely blind, he works as coco husker to live and feed himself. By the way, he also cooks his own food.
He works as the coconut husker. Most Coco farmers want him to husk the lahing na lubi (matured coconut) because he does it with finesse. Those who think they are complete are so incomplete, not to mention inadequate.
Ironic. Just when you seem to have the complete senses, you lose to those who are incomplete. This story reminds me of Helen Keller.
Another story is the story of resilience and hope. It talked about “hope springing eternal.” Think of this story. It is a typical Jessica Soho story.
Government has been here. DepEd people have used luxury vehicles for their service, but a barrio in the boondocks of Caraga, Davao Oriental does not even have a decent school with pupils walking kilometers of dirt road to go to school.
Worse, they do not have chairs.
In that story accompanied and retold by Jessica Soho, pupils were crossing a treacherous river to reach the school. For years it has been like this. Jessica was looking for answers to our lingering question.
In fact, DepEd has chairs for them. But the contractor did not deliver the chairs to them. So the students walked kilometers of dirt road for eight hours and carried those chairs.
The scene of pupils carrying those chairs made us cry. I thought we have the best compassionate and dedicated government officials.
Sana the government can truly help them.

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