Plain and Simple | Sports in our country

Make sports accessible to our people in the countryside. This is the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Following this mandate, Chairman Butch Ramirez, head of the country’s sporting body, made it his target to make sports accessible to all.

Immediately, Ramirez formed his team of private consultants to help his team organic to PSC. He gathered the middle managers of the PSC and strategized for sports activities all over the country.

After the strategic planning, he engaged them for consultation with all sports stakeholders. He gathered sports leaders and sought their ideas on how to improve the sports in our country.
He invited legislators in the two Houses of Congress for guidance and how they can help the sports program through legislation.

His team of consultants went from one local government unit to another for a consultative sports planning. The team helped LGUs to plan their sports program, including free training for coaches and Physical Education teachers.

But Chairman Ramirez prioritizes the Children’s Games because he believes in developing the children as future citizens of the country. They are the real gold, he said. This is why they should be given the right training and the right attitude.

Children’s Games were conducted in Davao, Visayas, and Luzon. Children in these places came to play. Just play. In playing, children learned to mingle with other children in the spirit of cooperation and respect. They also shared their skills in all sporting events.

UNESCO recognizes the efforts of Chairman Ramirez in celebrating the children’s youthful exuberance. The Duterte administration’s drive to give priority to children is also recognized by UNESCO.
Added to the program is the Sports for Peace children’s games where Muslim, Indigenous Peoples, and Christian kids play together in the spirit of dialogue.

Right now, after two years, PSC is taking a pause to assess all programs for children, for women, for PWDs, among others. Ramirez wants sports as an instrument of building character, promotion of dialogue and understanding, and a powerful instrument of peace.

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