Plain and Simple: Sports in DavNor

The LGU-DavNor headed by Governor Anthony del Rosario has just concluded a two-day consultative sports planning.

The governor, through the prodding of his sports director Giovanie Gulanes, wants a clear organized sports plan for five years. He wants all sports activities of the province calibrated and focused.

The sports planning was conducted by experts of Organizational Development led by Sergs Opena, PhD in OD with Brother Noelvic Deloria, SC.

Giovanie gathered sports coordinators from municipalities of the province and their counterparts in DepEd. We want a sports program that is wholistic not just medal driven for the province, and long term, he said.

The best thing about DavNor is it has a world class sports complex with clear and relevant programs. This sports complex is put up through the initiative of then Governor Rodulfo del Rosario. He loves sports. He believes in sports.

His son Anthony follows his father’s passion and dream. This is why he wants to make sports in the province with a very clear direction. He wants a best organized sports program.

Doc Sergs and Brother Noelvic facilitated the sports planning using the appreciative inquiry method. They followed the four-day cycle of planning.

In this method, it wants to highlight what DavNor has. All the practices that define DavNor’s sports program, and what the sports people dream for the sporting comunity.

The participants leveled off on understanding sports and the best practices of DavNor. They want to maximize what they have and to dream big.

So believing in sports as the main highway to developing citizens of this country, they started to build their dreams. Doc Sergs said careful with dreaming because they will really come true.

So the participants rushed to their groups and looked into their best practices and their dreams for DavNor sports. They acknowledged the leadership of the Del Rosario’s. The father and the son-RDR and AGR.

DavNor is lucky because it has very competent sports leader and a visionary – Giovanie Gulanes. Now this is unique and unusual because the sports office of DavNor is a department. Giovanie heads that office and while they have the programs, they are really not well organized and focused.

As of this writing, the sports coordinators of the province are crafting their vision, mission, and goals. Giovanie hopes with this sports planning, the province will achieve more in sports, in developing the human resource of the province.

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