Plain and Simple | Seeing UM campus up close

The University of Mindanao is probably the biggest university in Mindanao, and to tour it would mean a day of excitement and discovery.

The other day I went with Atty. Guillermo Iroy visiting the office of the registrar. Iroy, a true blooded UM grad, knows people in that office, the registrar, no less. Very orderly, the office facilitates the record inquiries of people, especially the students. Very orderly. I didn’t see people making a long queue. Well facilitated.

While Atty. Iroy was talking to the assistant registrar and reminiscing the time he frequented the office, I observed the office and the movement of people. When the clock hit 12 noon, I told Iroy that we had to go. It was lunchtime.

Another day, I accompanied a friend to the personnel office for personal records. The HR office was cool and we were accommodated so well. The office is headed by a young HR manager.

But this was not my first time to be with UM. I did not study here but I had the chance to be part of it.

Three or four times I was invited to talk and share about creative and mentor leadership to the graduate classes in the professional school in Matina campus.

The rooms are fully airconditioned and well equipped. Truly rooms for higher learning. I enjoyed my talk and sharing because students were responsive and inquisitive. They wanted to learn more.

It is not that I am new to the place, it is that the building is designed for professional growth. I would love to teach in UM’s grad school.

While Atty Iroy met the people he knew in UM, I was just quiet. I did not tell them that I also belonged to the huge vibrant UM family as the former editor-in-chief of Mindanao Times, owned by the Torres family. Now, I am not the EIC but one of its columnists.

I have a relative who is studying right now in UM and he has a little problem with his grades. I told him to transfer, but he said No. “I want to graduate in UM,” he said.

Maybe the “Ga” ad of Roy Geonzon aired over DxUM Rady Ukay, an affiliate of the university, clicked or my relative feels he is the “ga” that ad is talking about.

Walking through the vast and beautiful campus of the University of Mindanao, I realized, is always a pleasure.

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