PLAIN AND SIMPLE| Safety and comfort

NEVER sacrifice safety and comfort. Never. Never. Never.

The other day’s accident involving a van is so unfortunate. If the drivers were given their regular drivers’ education, that fatal accidents would have been avoided.

It is disappointing that some drivers got their license through spurious means. And using it, they drive. The skills they have is just enough to practice driving. Result: Accident.

Then after these accidents you see the personnel of LTFRB and LTO on the road strictly implementing traffic rules. Tapos na. We’ve seen bodies sprawled on the ground. When are we going to learn our lessons? Very costly lessons?

Joyce Rupp, a nun and author of books on human psychology and spirituality talked about accidents in this world. She said accidents do happen anytime anywhere. True, but there are accidents that can be prevented.

We have always talked about being pro-active, but these accidents are not the result of being pro-active. I see government agencies being reactive, not pro-active. Right now the LTO and LTFRB are strict. This is reactive not pro-active.

I want to see these government agencies strictly implementing the traffic rules. By implementing these rules regularly and faithfully, these drivers will make rules a part of their lives.

So safety becomes a byword for them. Not just a byword, but a faithful part of their life.

And this is most funny. So many multicabs which are no longer fit to travel and ferry passengers have these words inscribed near the driver seat. Inspected, it says.

How can these multicabs be allowed to travel when they are not even fit to travel and carry passengers? I stopped riding multicabs some years ago because this is my protest to these kind of vehicles that do not give us “safety and comfort”.

Why should we allow these on the road? Truth is they are not really built as passenger jeepneys. I think government should review their existence.

Not only this, but also old jeeps on the road carrying passengers. So outdated, and yet government still allows them to carry passengers. Safety and comfort. We ride without those.

Let us never compromise safety and comfort. I could remember Col. Bomb Rosete on this. He headed the SOPI organization once. Haven’t heard from him since then.

Safety and Comfort. No compromise with that.

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