Plain and Simple | Poor chronicles

POLITICIANS when they run shout in their rallies and posters that they will serve the poor.

The Church is clear in its PCP documents that its option is to help the poor.

The rich and companies put up their CSR to make programs to help the poor.

Huge calls and dreams of helping the poor. Dunno what help really, but one thinks that they want to alleviate the poor from poverty.. from poverty to a better life..

It has been like this for couples of years. But the poor remains poor.. in fact the poor is getting poorer and the rich getting richer.. nothing has substabtially changed really.

The poor’ s mindset remains the same. After a day’s income, they but bottles of red horse and a kinilaw and drink to be drunk. They bet on the number game like last two hoping to win instantly with a bigger income. Or enjoy playing tongits hoping he wins.

Instant gratification as oppose to sacrifices to make. Instant is better if it hits. But if it loses, its the end of the road for a little money earned.

The politicians, the church, the rich did nit work hard enough to change the mindset of the poor. Up until the poor thinks often that they are, they will always be poor. They remain poor in spirit and in truth.

My take? Unless we change their mindset the poor will still wallow in poverty.. Unless we change their mentality to a life of abundance, the poor will remain poor.

It looks like poverty is almost all over the country. In a nation with abundance, this is unforgivable. We change their mindset. The politicians, the church, the business leaders should change their mindset.

Let us not allow them to think, talk, do things like the miserable poor. The Filipino is trully worth dying poor as the late Senator Ninoy Aquino once said.

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