Plain and Simple | Of forgiveness and revenge

The daughter of my friend was accosted by a driver of a single motorcycle. My friend’s daughter almost got raped.

My friend serves the Church, has been serving the church for years. And the Church has always taught forgiveness. Forgive those who harm you.

His wife too has been a church worker. She gives retreat. For sure the Church has taught her to forgive. The church teaches us to forgive.

But when my friend’s daughter was almost raped, he swore to kill the rapist. Understandable because he was in his peak with his emotions. He can kill.

I did not say a word because I know at the height of the emotion, one could kill especially when a daughter’s life and dignity was at stake.

I just accompanied him and made sure he could not harm. After a month, I visited him and asked how he was feeling. He did not answer, but he said the suspect was already arrested.

The usual temper and anger were gone, and he only prayed justice will be served… that the court will do its part in making sure justice is served.

I asked a psychologist about his anger and his instinct to kill. She said it was a natural reaction. The father was so angry; he could kill.

She said there are stages before somebody in pain or in anger would subside. But when things or situations subside, everything calms down. And this is when he could make sound decision.


The psychologist showed me emotions subside and this is when anyone angry with an incident can make sound decisions.

This is the psychology of the church. It is always based on science and human practices.
She knows that at the height of anger, a man could kill. He must decide when everything subsides.

Vengeance is the language of the old testament. But like I said at the moment a man could kill. He can’t kill when emotions subside and reason is clear.

I asked my friend how is he and he could only cry. All he wants is for his daughter to be given justice. But let the judicial processes take over. It cleans his conscience. He knows justice will be served.

And he prays deeply for justice to be served.

Meanwhile, he takes extra care of his daughter making sure that the trauma of the experience will be healed.

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