MANY things are wrought by prayer, so the Bible tells us.

This is why the Bible and our spiritual fathers and doctors of the Church admonish us to pray unceasingly. Pray, they said without ceasing.

Catholics, Muslims, Baptists and other Christians are asked to pray unceasingly. That our life be a life of prayer.

For the Catholics, they have saints whose life while on earth was worthy of emulation. They led lives of prayer.

St Therese of the Child Jesus has formed and lived her life in prayer. She consciously made a choice to offer everything she did in prayer. Prayer was not separate from her life.

While in the Carmelite monastery, St Therese offered everything to God. Her life was prayer. She cooked, she washed clothes and plates, and all she did in her life was offered in prayer.

The Catholic faith has it that the highest form of prayer is the Holy Eucharist.  So every faithful is asked to give her all to the Eucharist. Full, active and conscious participation in celebrating the Holy Eucharist.

And what best time to offer our intentions and life of prayer than this time when we have this situation in Marawi.

We see children, old men and women – mostly helpless people- in the evacuation centers, and we cry. We stand to offer our help as some groups go there to literally help.

The Archdiocese of Davao sought the help of the faithful for concrete help. Fr Pete Lamata, parish priest of St Jude sought his parishioners help and the parish raised about 70 thousand.  Fr Pete gave to the Archdioce as it would facilate the help for the evacuees in Iligan.

Concrete help is a powerful product of prayer and a prayerful life. No matter how little the help if it comes from the heart, it already means so much.

My prayers go to the evacuees from Marawi, to the soldiers and their families, to the children and old men and women in those centers. My prayers to those who are now in the area to volunteer so the pain and burden the evacuees feel will be lighten.

My prayers go to Fr Al Botero, priest of the Archdiocese of Davao, who died a couple of days ago. May the good and loving God who chose him to be His priest welcome Fr Al in His loving arms.

My prayers go to our president whose life of leadership is challenged by the tests and trials. More than anything else the president needs our prayers.

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