Plain and Simple: Mother nature paints itself

I have seen sunsets and sunrises. Seeing them is never enough. It allows one to wonder and appreciate its coming and going.

Neil Michael de Asis, district supervisor of Panabo, loves to post his shots of nature. And one of his recent posts is sunrise.

His sunrise shot got so many likes and received so many comments. It only shows the universality of our appreciation and love for nature. I am sure that Neil attributes this beautiful scene of nature to a God who creates beauty for us to appreciate and wonder.

Neil, a former student in San Pedro College, has made it his hobby to take photographs of people, places and nature. One time he posted shots of hummingbirds in different colors… and flight. He has the eye for beauty. Neil is an artist.

One time Panabo invited me for a motivational talk on the miracles of commitment. While on a break, I had the chance to talk to Neil. He demurely accepted that he was a neophyte in the art of photography. He said he appreciates the works of Rene Lumawag and his keen eye for detail.

Neil struck me as more than a creative person. While he has his duties in the division of Panabo as a district supervisor, Neil takes time to spend serene times holding his camera for a shot at some subjects he wants to freeze through eternity.

This did not surprise me because even in my class Neil spent time scribbling in his notes the many realities and discoveries of life… ordinary or not so ordinary.

Lately his post encapsulated the beauty and grandeur of a morning immortalized by his camera. Neil could even collect his pictures in a coffee table book DepEd will be most happy and proud to publish and keep.

Seldom can one find a real artist among its employees. Neil is an artist Deped is proud of. His pieces of work are one thing people would really want to have in their homes.

And so he posted his sunrise photo. I did not tell him I love sunrise. I don’t know, but sunrises give me so much hope. It always makes me start anew. This might be a cliché but sunrise always symbolizes beginning.

This is probably the reason why I love the color of yellow. Look at sunrises and one notices yellow and orange hues.

For me the creation story is the best story of abundance, beauty and generosity. It is a story of self-giving, of love and celebration.

With creation, God gave us the gift of freedom. The best that God bestowed on us. The problem is, we abuse that freedom. We abused it, destroyed it. We did not manage it with a heart full of love. Greed consumed us.

And what do we have? Climate change, floods, typhoons, landslides of unthinkable proportion. We abuse our freedom.

Nature has a way at taking back at us. When nature is angry, watch for unthinkable disaster. Heaven forbid!

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