Plain and Simple| Interview with Gov Del Rosario  

Finally, the interview with Gov Anthony del Rosario pushed through. But this is going ahead of the story.

Public relations specialist Carlos Munda wanted me to interview Gov. del Rosario for a local TV program on business and politics. It did not materialize for “reasons only reason can understand.”

The governor was busy with the dynamics of the last elections and Carlos was busy with his NGO –the Mindanao Vote, and others. And me? I was also busy with my small but sleek HR and media consultancy.

But there is always time for everything. The other day, an hour before the opening of the Batang Pinoy in Davao Norte Sports Complex, I had a lengthy talk with Governor del Rosario.  We talked of so many topics. One of them is on economics. Of course, the other is on sports.

For him sports is always tied with economics and other social issues. National events in sports, he said, always has an impact on the local economy, tourism, peace and other, and confidence-building especially for the local athletes.

Like what happened in last year’s Palarong Pambansa, the economy in Tagum and the province grew as number of athletes and guests  all over the country flocked to their place. Hotels, malls, trikes had their day.  Same with the holding of the Batang Pinoy jointly organized by the LGUs and the Philippine Sports Commission.

But the governor said this is seasonal. “We have to have big activities weekly or monthly if possible to sustain the momentum,” he said.  One good news is that he has asked the provincial board to create the sports division of the province into a full department so it can really focus on sports development.

He has also in his mind the putting up of a huge arena to house more than 5,000 spectators.  This is the requirement so we can host regular PBA games here. All these are in the pipeline, he said.

When an LGU head loves sports, expect so many sporting events in his or her turf.  Gov del Rosario is a sports enthusiast par excellence. Though he said he started late, he was into soccer while he was in Grade 4 at the Ateneo. He became a soccer varsity and he remembered competing and winning games.

His children are into tennis and wushu. And I am with that, he said, because of the discipline sports brings to the formation of our young. When one is into sports,  he said he is cut above the rest of humanity who are not into sports.

One reason why Gov del Rosarion is into sports is also his care for the local athletes. He gave as his example the province’s “Talaingod runners.”  While they are doing their best here, they still need the necessary exposure in national competitions.

We see in their best here, but when they compete with other athletes like those in Manila, they cringe and they perform below par with the others whose confidence is honed by years of national and international competitions.

So we hope with national events here and with the new sports complex, they gain more exposure and they will gain confidence they all need in the competition.

We really do not have enough hotels to accommodate guests, and other VIPs, he said.  This is understandable because investors are carefully weighing the probability of a strong return of investments. When they know, that many activities are done in DAv Nor and Tagum, they will go put their investments there.

But it is really great to know that Governor Anthony del Rosario is so in love with sports. He knows what this activity can do to form a healthy and vibrant citizenry. There are so many who are not into sports end up with a health problem, like obesity.

Need I say more?

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