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Julius just finished high school and he wanted to enter the seminary.

In high school, he was an altar boy. He served the Church in one of the parishes in Davao region. Julius nourished his vocation to the priesthood by being an altar boy and being the sidekick of the priests.

It must have been beautiful serving the Church as a priest, or so he thought. Every day, he served and after serving, he dropped by at the tabernacle to pray, to thank God for giving him the chance to serve as an altar boy.

Every day, he heard the gospel reading and the homily of the priests. Some he understands, others he doesn’t. What was best was he learned something no matter how little.

Julius was happy with his life serving the church. He went to high school joyful with the church. In college, he was active in the school’s theological programs. He loved to joined retreats. All these helped to develop himself.

Early in his life, he knew the prophetic role of the Church. Though not so deep, but he had the basics of the Church history, and the life of the saints were familiar to him.

Julius learned that the lives of the saints were hard, their struggles were hardest, with their faith always challenged. It was not an easy life, but he also knows the demands of following Christ. He still thought of joining the seminary.

So after graduating high school, Julius entered the seminary. The first days were really hard; he was not used to being alone. In their house, they always were together. They sleep together in the sala.

Now, he has a room, and he is adjusting. Determined to finish priesthood, he tried to adjust to his new life in the seminary. His theological studies were not easy too. They were harder than what he thought.

Theology was a study of God, his mission, his life and his soul. Trinity was one of the hardest subjects. His fav was the history of salvation. He liked the priest-professor because he explained the Old Testament with the New Testament.

He studied the life of the prophets and their life being God’s rep on earth. He studied almost everything about the bible and the tradition of the Church. So many subjects. All so hard. But exciting.

But seminary life was not only those subjects of theology. They had to live normal lives. They have crushes, others have girlfriends. But they have to decide to be a priest or to get married. Julius chose to be a priest.

He prays so hard for his calling. He understood the demands of the priest life. He knows the challenges, the trials, the sacrifices. He still wants to be a priest.

The vocation of being a priest is really following Christ. In Christology, he got to study the life of Christ. So hard, but he was faithful to the will of the father. That was a vocation he embraced. Christ was God in person on earth so people will have a taste of heaven on earth.

Every priest leads a life of holiness. His only mission is to be like Christ. In Christology studied and reflected, every seminarian knows the demands of discipleship.

Julius knows it. Hard but he prays hard for it too. This is why it saddens him when he hears the news that a priest is shot dead. This saddens him.

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