FREEDOM. ‘Twas the last shout of Mel Gibson in his movie. It was a shout that echoed not just in movie houses but in each moviegoer who wanted to be free.

Freedom is a basic right. ‘Twas this freedom that God gifted us. God gave us this gift. We were born free. And that made us different from the other animals.

Born free as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, a song goes. Born free to make our choices. This makes us human. With freedom, we can make a choice.

Freedom is a requisite to making commitment. We can’t commit without being free. If we commit and yet there is a gun pointed at us, this is not freedom .

And in a democracy freedom is a basic human right. I may not like what you said. But I will defend to death your right to say it.

For a democracy to thrive, the press must be free. If it is not free, let us forget about our democracy. In HongKong, many are protesting for democracy.

If we’re free when God gifted us that freedom, it is our inherent right to freely express our views and our thoughts. When our freedom is stifled, it is truly contrary to our inherent right, to what our essence is.

So in a republican state like ours, let a hundred ideas bloom. It certainly irritates us because we want our ideas to be followed. But we cannot dictate. We have to listen to others because as Desiderata pointed out even the dull and ignorant have their story.

But if your ideas are a lot better and your moves are superior to the others, theirs will have to bow down to yours. And in a democracy, the majority always wins. And we respect the rule of the majority, plain and simple.

But let us not stifle dissent.  Allow each one to speak even if they are against ours. This is the beauty of democracy. And at the end of the day, we just have to learn to be humble with the results.


In marriage, when we commit to our dearly beloved, we have to be free.

The first essential element of our commitment is freedom. Without it, we can’t commit. It is the essence really of our commitment. God gifted us with this to commit. So in committing, we find joy, not hate.

The second element of our commitment is a choice. With our freedom, we make a choice. We can’t make a choice at the barrel of a gun poked on us. This is why, marriage like this is really not marriage. Even if it is contracted in the church, it is not marriage.

From the start, there was no marriage. Unless through the years your togetherness develops into love. Then you just have to undergo the ritual so your marriage is truly blessed.

Through the years, your bond and your love becomes part of your life. It becomes an indwelling. It is part of your system. This is the beauty of real commitment. It unites and it gives you joy.

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