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MAHIRAP bang mahalin ang bayan?

Is it hard to love our country?, Butch Ramirez asks.  He asked the middle managers of the Phil Sports Commission during their program planning the other week. Same question he asked the president of the Catholic schools and universities throughout the country. Ramirez, chair of the PSC asked the national consultative meeting attended by senators and congressmen and sports leaders of the country.

Mahirap bang mahalin and bayan?, the PSC chair asked them in an obvious disappointment over the  bickering among sports leaders of the country. The question was also a desperate appeal to private and public colleges and universities to do something with scientific sports program rather than “bara bara “ lang ( a hit and run things in developing athletes).

Same question is addressed to LGU leaders who could not care less with sports development in their turf.  The PSC chair is probably disappointed at the attitude of LGU leaders who have less sports program or none at all.

For Butch, to get rid of this bickering, this skepticisms, this “never-care” attitude is to summon our patriotism, our love for our country.  With this in our hearts, funds would be less of our problems.  There should more underscoring of generosity and creativity. More selfless dedication for the love of our country.

But with President Duterte at the helm of government and he in charge of sports of the country, funds are available. It may not be huge, but it is enough to run the academy of sports of the country. For Butch, it is the right time to be scientific with the way we train our athletes. We but the equipments, we train coaches and managers like out counterparts in those sports institute of other countries.

The first thing that Butch did as chair of the PSC was to consult with sports leaders of the country. He listen to them elucidate their ideas of how to develop sports in our country, of how to train athletes, and of the need to upgrade our sports facilities. And review the exiting sports highways for our athletes to compete.

And plan the next five years. The other week, PSC underwent direction setting with himself and the commissioners around and PSCs middle managers.  And the creation of the Philippine Sports Institute was the core of that plan.

The PSI will focus on three essential things: talent identification, education, and grassroots development. The institute of sports will be launched January 17 at the Ultra in Pasig with sports leaders throughout the country, congressmen, senators, guests from other countries’ sports institute and other stakeholders.

Without the PSI, the training of our athletes would just be “bara bara” , a so-so that will characterize our sports development.   With this mediocrity in sports development, we can never produce world class athletes, Butch insists.

In fact before the launching of the PSI, it already conducted coaches training first week of December this year with KISS – Korean Institute of Sports and Science.  KISS has one of the most modern technology in determining the capacity and ability of any athlete.

Butch is dead serious with sports and athletes development. Otherwise, he said he has no business staying any longer in the PSC which he once headed during the time of President Arroyo. This time is different. He has the full support of PRRD.

Expect more innovative and creative undertakings with the PSC under Chairman Butch Ramirez. Meanwhile,  let’s focus on the PSI launching January 17 next year.

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