Plain and Simple | Expression Day in old UM

Dunno if those who graduated from the University of Mindanao would feel nostalgic with this. But Fr Pedro P. Lamata does.

Son of the barangay captain in Bunawan, Pedro went to study in UM Tibungco. He told me his principal was the late Mr Yagung, leader and disciplinarian.

When Fr Pete read my column on UM, he told me he is a UMian. Aw, really padz, I said, and he said in repartee “yes!”.. And Bebe Ducase, one of Fr Pete’s kababata, told me when we had the break from the seminar we attended that Fr Pete graduated valedictorian in UM Tibungco.

Back to that nostalgia feeling. Fr Pete after reading my column( all the parishes he was assigned subscribed to the Mindanao Times). During their time Fr Pete said they had the so-called Expression Day.

What was this? It seemed that UM institutionalized this. Every year there is this day that selected students competed against each other in public speaking and in writing. This was the day students compete in oration, extemporaneous talking, singing, among others.

Fr Pete said they had to prepare cause this was a big day for them.. They showed their oral and written skills. The activity brought out the best in them.

Dunno if the Expression Day is still a huge part of its program now. But Fr Pete he remembers it with fondness not because he was always the contestant in public speaking, but because the activity developed UM’s graduates.

Pedro joined the seminary and went to UST in Manila for his Theological studies. Trained and tutored by the Dominicans, Fr Pete became a deeply spiritual and brilliant priest.

Fr Pete attributed to UM his best education and basic leadership training. He studied in St Francis College seminary still top of his class. He excelled in academics and sports.

After his ordination, Fr Pete was active in social action not only in Davao but in Mi danao. He saw the realities of the island, realities that formed the bedrock of his character.

Now at 63, Fr Pete expresses his priestly ministry among his parishioners with so much passion and fidelity. His life went through many challenges and trials but he remains steadfast in his vocation.

His training in UM Tibungco helped a lot. Expression Day!

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