Plain and Simple: Catholic media and IRD

It is important that Catholic Media understands what inter-religious dialogue really means.

So, Fr. Ritch Gamaya, the media director of the Archdiocese of Davao, and his team who takes care of the participants gave them an input on IRD (inter-religious dialogue).

Fr. Ritch invited Fr. Pete Lamata, director of ACEID and Aleem Adilao to talk about their experiences on IRD. Lamata is a Catholic priest. Adilao is a Maranao who is an aleem, a religious leader of the Muslims.

Aleem Adilao was accompanied by his daughter Norasia who is involved in inter religious dialogue in Mindanao. And Fr. Pete was with his staff in ACEID, Tony Apat. They engaged the Catholic media from all over the country in promoting IRD.

Each diocese has its own experience, but what Aleem Adilao and his daughter shared was so heartwarming in a country so divided by religious diversity. Fr. Pete gave them a theological perspective and papal pronouncements including the PCPII documents on inter religious dialogue.

The pax asked the panel with questions only they can faithfully explain; visiting a Muslim house, inter-marriages; carrying guns, among others.

Aleem Adilao stressed very strongly this point: “Islam is a religion of peace. It will not kill people nor be killed for Allah. ”

I think they were glued to the lecture of Fr. Pete and Aleem Adilao because they had questions during the open forum. There were so many questions, they forgot the time to eat lunch.

Muslim terrorists. They brought this matter of labeling people to the floor during the open forum. This stereotyping is unfair and unjust to both Muslims and Christians.

When Manila media reports of a killing in Mindanao, they always report about Muslim terrorists. But when Christians commit the same, there are no reports of Christian terrorists.

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