PLAIN AND SIMPLE| August and gratitude

I’D LIKE to end my August with a grateful heart. As I always say at the end of my talk “gratitude is the memory of my heart.”

This includes gratitude for this space in Mindanao Times, the newspaper that gave me the chance to multiply the greatness of people, and yes, the generosity of a compassionate God.

Though this looks an insignificant space, just an unassuming space in a bond paper, this space could either multiply hate or love. I chose love because that is really us, creations of love.

This insignificant space forms the bedrock of our being humans. It allows us to express our freedom, God’s greatest gift to us. We’re born free … as free as the wind blows … as free as the grass grows.

We are less human, maybe lesser when we are not free, when we cannot freely express. This is why I am against dictatorship and all forms of restraints when our freedom is curtailed.

Thank you Mindanao Times for this, and the chance to be your Editor-in-Chief when it became a daily from being a weekly.

August too gathered the children 12 under from the tri-people of Davao to play and have fun together at Mergrande, Davao City. Though two days was not enough, it was a gathering that brought to the fore the idea that sports is beyond boundaries. That it can unite and develop the character of children

Thanks Philippine Sports Commission for pushing this program all over the country. In Davao, PSC partnered with the A,’immah-Pastors-Priests forum which has a network of Muslims, Lumads, and Christians in the Davao region. Thank you Fr. Pete Lamata for this network, the Sports for Peace Children’s Games, was realized and successful.

August is the month of many indelible memories like the assassination of the Senator Ninoy Aquino who fought and died for the freedom we now enjoy. And this month is also the birth month of the popular student leader of Davao who became an Assemblyman and Mayor of Davao before Mayor Rudy Duterte, now our president. I am talking about Mayor Zaf Respicio, most popular student leader of UM in the 80s.

So many things happened in August. Just go and keep them with a very grateful heart. Who knows one or two might be smiling while reading this. Or maybe, just emotional. Welcome September morn.

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