Plain and Simple: Almost, but not yet

The score: 82-80. The Philippine team lost to China with that score.

This was a miracle score for a team that was organized only a few weeks before the Asian Games. Reality tells me that China, a team that has been together for years, would even crushed the Philippine team. How can we hope to beat China?

With their speed, youth, stamina, ability, shooting prowess (especially the centers with heights more than seven feet), how can the Philippine team beat them. C’mon guys, be realistic.

But when we caught up with them in the last minutes of the third quarter, we stood and shouted from where we were. We could defeat China with this. We expected some miracles, and miracle it was with this score that ended 82-80.

That was more than what we could ask for. With a powerhouse like China, how can we ever compete with them? But hope springs eternal. But we should learn our lessons which means preparation from high school to college to the professional level as a team. Not individually.

And yes, one thing I noticed. Yeng Guiao is a better coach than Chot Reyes. He used all his players, trusting them to perform. He believes in them and this is very important in a team. And in building the confidence.

Imagine, the presence of Jordan Clarkson?

Yes, we have pinned our hope in him. But he is alone. We should also pin our hope in our team. But our Philippine team is just formed overnight like our volleyball team.

Miracles do not happen that way. Miracles happen when we prepare for years, not overnight.

China, Thailand, Japan have programs to train their athletes while in grade school. They have sports academies that we don’t not have.

But we hope. And with this new formed team, we hope. At least. But at least is not good enough. We should prepare.

But I enjoyed our games. I love to see them play. I salute them. I salute Yeng Guiao for his style of coaching. He should coach our team, not Chot Reyes.

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